The WTM Staffordshire Centre was established to further the discovery and adoption of biologist Jeremy Griffith’s ground-breaking, world-saving biological understanding of the human condition. It’s just absolutely amazing work that all human beings need to hear! Learn more about this extraordinarily important work at, and please contact us.

“I was just completely blown away by Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition, and I just felt that if I can do anything to help another person or other people arrive at this same understanding then I think it’s really important that I do what I can to help and support that. So I’m opening the WTM Centre in Staffordshire to open up another channel of discussion and communication about this work, because I found that the more I discussed and reflected on it with other people, the more I was able to digest and absorb a lot of these concepts — because they are new and they are so truthful; they explain everything so clearly, so well.” Karen Boon